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A new apartment with complete satisfaction.

JRD is a Jerusalem based property Development Company, specializing in projects that are under the TAMA 38 scheme.

JRD has a wealth of professional experience in this complicated field, with a comprehensive understanding of the permits process, planning and building stages.

This is combined with an emphasis on the needs, requirements and expectations of both new buyers and existing neighbors by providing the highest standards of external and internal building work.

We are currently in the middle of a large number of projects, at various stages of permits. We are in close contact throughout, with the existing neighbors, which at the conclusion of the project will   find themselves with a new and expanded building and apartment to their complete satisfaction.

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The law of TAMA 38 is designed to improve and strengthen older building in the case of earthquakes.

Under the scheme the existing neighbors are granted various wide ranging benefits: principally fast track obtaining of permits for extending the existing apartment, permits for additional storeys and the division of these amongst existing neighbors.

In some circumstances demolition and rebuilding or the entire building.

For those whose buildings are eligible, this is a unique opportunity to drastically improve the existing building and individual apartments at a significantly cheaper price, in some cases at no cost at all.


The best that Jerusalem has to offer

As part of the TAMA 38 development we have a portfolio of new apartments for sale.

Built to the highest standards in quality and design in most the sought after areas of the city.

The absence of any middleman, familiarity with market needs and the familiarity with permit requirements allows interested buyers a perfect opportunity to receive all the information and know how in order to achieve the best most suitable decision for you.